AWTG’s Flex-5G Project Announces its Partnership with Energy Solar Tech

AWTG has announced its partnership with Energy Solar Tech, utilising the advanced Flex-5G technology. By incorporating Flex-5G’s existing capacities with Energy Solar Tech’s products, this innovative collaboration is set to offer significant advantages to users.

Flex-5G is a flexible Open RAN platform that allows multiple configurations, connectivity sources and energy sources. By integrating Energy Solar Tech´s capabilities, it enables efficient management of energy sources especially in areas where there is no stable electricity source or no connection to the main power grid.

The integration will introduce Flex-5G FIRP (Integrated Radio Platform) which is a comprehensive, all-in-one solution base. The Flex-5G FIRP includes a powerful management platform that servers as an SOC / NOC that enables public and private network operators to fully manage their deployments in the most efficient manner.

Alberto Hernandez Poza, CEO of Energy Solar Tech shares “In Energy Solar Tech, we facilitate our industrial and enterprise customers the transition to solar energy self-consumption and this (Flex-5G) integration is a one big leap in providing quality products and services. This will definitely give a new meaning to our advocacy – Disrupting the energy industry to reduce your costs and change the world for better.” 

Abbey Alidoosti, CEO of AWTG said “The partnership with Energy Solar Tech enables Flex-5G to be deployed in remote areas where access to the grid is not possible to bring connectivity to the last mile. It also highlights the capabilities of Flex-5G as a truly stand-alone system that can be deployed rapidly as a pop-up network in the most demanding environment while ensuring energy efficiency.”

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