Introducing the
Flex-5G Consortium

UK DCMS Future RAN Competition (FRANC) winner, a truly flexible end-to-end Open RAN compliant 5G SA network that through its unique approach to Software-Defined Radio can adapt in real-time to traffic demands, spectrum availabilities and other changing context to extract the maximum performance, efficiency and benefits for 5G and its use cases.

What is Flex-5G?

This project creates “Flex-5G”, a complete 5G StandAlone (SA) network. Flex-5G’s Open RAN compliance and resulting provider diversification significantly benefits the public by bringing down prices, improving equipment availability and scalability hence improving 5G deployments and their performances, efficiencies and reaches in the UK. Conversely, Flex-5G’s option to combine network modules into a “network-in-a-box”, as one of its instantiations, assists “private network” scenarios that leverage the maximal capabilities of the use cases unlocked by 5G’s high capacity, reliability, low latency and other characteristics. These use cases lead to public benefits in terms of health and social care, education and entertainment, among others.


The Flex-5G solution has a unique cutting-edge approach to “Software-Defined Radio” (SDR). This leads to further considerable flexibility in terms of the radio spectrum accessed, radio configuration or even the radio standards that are transmitted/received by the solution among other aspects. Flex-5G leverages this flexibility to further increase performance and efficiency of 5G networks as seen by the public in the UK, and enhance customisation to use cases, upgradability, deployment options, economies of scale, and robustness and security through software patches, among many other benefits. Such capabilities will also see economic yield for the UK and its technology base through associated international acceleration of the markets and revenues for the pioneering UK companies involved in Flex-5G.

Project Partners